The Undertaker could return for one more match at WrestleMania 40

The Undertaker could return for one more match at WrestleMania 40

Speculation about The Undertaker making a comeback to the ring is making news this time of year. The Undertaker and WrestleMania had come to be associated with each other. The current episode of The Wrestling Time Machine touched on the subject of his possible comeback, since then the discussion leading up to another massive show.

In a recent podcast, Mike Chioda revealed some new details regarding the Undertaker’s physical state and indicated that The Deadman could see the WWE Hall of Famer to compete in one more match.

Teddy Long on The Undertaker’s come back:

Teddy Long & Undertaker

Teddy Long, the highly praised General Manager of SmackDown, was well-known for booking superstars in one-to-one single matches with The Deadman for most of his tenure. Teddy remained an on-and-off SmackDown general manager for almost a decade, even becoming a fan-favorite long after he departed from WWE in 2014.

Long said, “I still agree with the story. I definitely need that. But we’ve just got to wait and see whether ‘Taker is up for that. You know what I mean? He has been out of action for a little while. His body has healed up now, and I’m sure he feels 100% better than he did. So, you’ve got to wonder, ‘Do I want to go back into this pain, or how I want to do it?”

Long hoping the ‘taker would have a promo section in Philadelphia, regardless of whether he decides to return to wrestling.

“I think he is the guy who has to make up his own mind, but I think in my own mind, just him making an appearance would be enough for me. When you hear that dong, he steps out there, and maybe he gives a little bit of a promo or a tease or something.”

Bill Apter on The Undertaker’s return:

Bill Apter, a journalist, hinted possibly return of The Phenom at WM Philadelphia

Bill Apter, a journalist who recently spoke with The Deadman, was unsure about his comeback for a full-fledged match since he has been out of the ring for years. Nonetheless, Bill did not rule out a possibility that The ‘taker might make an angle appearance alongside one of the roster’s heel characters.

As per Apter, Grayson Waller would be the perfect fit for the iconic Tombstone Piledriver. He stated, “I think it’s going to be more of a (segment), with one of the characters, like Grayson Waller, who would be perfect for a Tombstone Piledriver.”

Bill Apter hinted that The Phenom would attend WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, which is arguably the biggest show in WWE history.

Apter expressed hopes that WrestleMania weekend will bring more, and said, “I think he will be there in some shape or form, and he’d probably do a one-man show in that town in Philadelphia sometime during WrestleMania. I hope so; it’s a great show.”

The Deadman’s presence at WrestleMania will increase the star power of the event, but his return might result in one of the greatest moments in history.

As the big attraction on WWE’s most stacked card of the year for years, The Phenom contributed to the greater buzz on WrestleMania. Even while The ‘taker may not be as popular at WrestleMania, he is still a huge star and always draws large crowds when he makes a special appearance on WWE TV.

When The Phenom last appeared on NXT, he used a chokeslam to take down Bron Breakker.

Could a different WWE star experience The Deadman’s wrath at WrestleMania in a similar manner? Whether it would be a match, or just be a walk-on and choke slamming and tombstoning somebody like Grayson Waller or somebody like that?

Wait and watch!

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