Rickey Smiley Reacts To Katt Williams’ Accusations In Shannon Sharpe Interview

On Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast on Wednesday, Katt Williams scolded Rickey Smiley for remarks he made regarding “Friday After Next,” the 2000 comedy sequel in which both costarred; Williams portrayed Money Mike and Smiley was Santa Claus.

Rickey Smiley on Katt Williams’s comments

Williams, who made his film debut in the movie, said Smiley was wrong for telling Sharpe their roles in the film were originally supposed to be reversed.

Smiley’s claims about Katt Williams’ Role:

“He claimed he had Katt Williams’ role. “He was going to be Money Mike, and Williams was going to be Santa Claus,” Williams said, “We went to Los Angeles for an audition. I was at No. 201 for an audition. There were two hundred Black comedians with me who auditioned for the role of Money Mike. Are you saying that, out of the 201 of us who auditioned, you were the one who got the role and shot it in four days?

During his appearance on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show on Thursday, Smiley revealed to his listeners that although he was initially going to play Money Mike, he now believes Williams was the better option.

Smiley praised Williams’s choice of portrayal as Money Mike, saying, “They added that whole pimp twist to that character, which was actually a better decision and made it funnier.” “I’m glad they made that decision because there was no way I could have performed that role in that manner.”

Smiley stated, “I personally preferred the pimp role, but the Santa Claus role was just right for me.”

Moreover, Williams disclosed to Sharpe that he had a clause place in his contract to work with Smiley only if he wore a dress in his roles.

In a comedic role, Smiley has played a grandma named Bernice Jenkins on multiple occasions, usually while reading church bulletins.

“What was the next film that Rickey Smiley was in?” Was it “First Sunday? Was there a dress on him? Indeed, he did. It was in my contract.” Williams said. That’s the part where his acting is incredible. He and Tyler Perry are incapable of saving themselves by playing men. They play good women.

According to Smiley, Katt Williams’s contract “had nothing to do with” his future roles as Bernice Jenkins.

It has nothing to do with my manhood being diminished for attempting to play a role and trying to provide food for my family,

Smiley added, listing other Black comedians who performed in women’s dressing “for the sake of funny.

“Smiley expressed his disappointment at having to provide the explanation.

“The way that made my kids feel makes me sad,” he remarked in response to Williams’s remarks.

Smiley then urged the crowd to get tickets for Williams’s forthcoming shows in Huntsville and Birmingham.

We hope for nothing but the best for Katt Williams,” Smiley said.

As he and his family deal with the approaching one-year anniversary of his son Brandon’s death, Smiley said the remarks came at a “crazy time.”

Smiley clarified, “I’m not trying to say any of this for sympathy; I’m just saying I’m dealing with stuff.”

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