Mo’Nique Stands by Katt Williams’ Truth on “Club Shay Shay”

Mo’Nique says that we are so engrossed with the messenger that we fail to notice the content.
Mo'Nique Shannon Sharpe interview

Mo’Nique recently defended Williams during her own appearance on Club Shay Shay, revealing that she concurs with this.

When Katt Williams spoke with Shannon Sharpe for an interview on Club Shay Shay last month, the internet went crazy. Williams took fun at several other celebrities, such as Cedric The Entertainer, Kevin Hart, and Rickey Smiley. Although Williams faced a lot of backlash for the interview, other people think the comedian was only telling the truth.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the performer’s words ever since the interview was announced on social media two weeks ago. Given that Mo’Nique is renowned for being honest about her ideas, many anticipated an equally explosive interview. She doesn’t appear to have let Williams down, co-signing almost everything he claimed in his recent interview.

Mo’Nique on Katt Williams’ interview:

Katt Williams Shannon Sharpe interview

“We all know about the truth of it. But we are always thinking, “Well, I’m not going to say anything.” It’s the messenger. We overlook the message because we get caught up with the messenger. The truth is difficult for people to hear a 5’5″ giant tell the truth, and it is difficult for a 200-pound Black lady to speak the truth. People who look like us should be grateful for the invitation to the party.

Mo’Nique went on to discuss how she has fought discrimination all her life and to encourage others to not be afraid to speak the truth. She said that sharing one’s story honestly can help stop horrible things from happening to other people in the future.

Mo’Nique recently even slammed Oprah when Taraji P. Henson raised issues with the cast members’ treatment while working on “The Color Purple”, which Oprah co-produced.

Many fans and colleagues have added their voices to the discussion, pointing out that Black women in the entertainment business have historically faced discrimination and are undervalued by their white, male peers.

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