Tucker Carlson Claims Democrats Might Replace Biden with Kamala Harris

US political commentator and writer Tucker Carlson has claimed that the President of the USA, Joe Biden is suffering from dementia, also accusing Biden of hiding this fact from the country.

For the last several months, questions are being raised about the mental condition of Joe Biden.

Tucker Carlson Claims Democrats Might Replace Biden with Kamala Harris

Tucker Carlson claimed that the Democrats could soon replace Biden with Kamala Harris as their presidential candidate. Carlson’s claim comes days after the first presidential debate in Atlanta on June 27, in which Joe Biden’s performance was a shock to most Democrats.

Speaking in front of 4,000 fans at Sydney’s International Convention Center, Tucker Carlson said some Democrat activists disguised as journalists tried to hide Joe Biden’s dementia, according to a report by a prominent US news channel. Carlson said the behavior of the American media as if they just found out about this is shocking. He said that Joe Biden cannot advance in the presidential race from the Democratic Party.

Criticizing some media outlets, Tucker Carlson said, ‘Either they’re really stupid… or they’re really dishonest, they’re hiding the obvious from you.’ Biden is mentally unstable and could be removed from the presidential race. Carlson sees this as an important moment for both the Democratic and Republican parties, especially in light of the court’s decision on former President Donald Trump in the hush money case on July 11.

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Tucker Carlson said in a post on X, “Several prominent leaders of the Democratic Party have suggested that Biden is not mentally stable. They have to be removed, and they will. The only question is when. If they are wise they will make this decision very soon. If Kamala becomes the candidate, she could become the first woman President. Now the focus will be on Trump and his sentencing decision on July 11.”

Carlson also emphasized that Trump is now being viewed not just as the Republican nominee, but as a potential president.

Tucker Carlson: Political Analyst and Proponent of Trumpism

Tucker Carlson (born on May 16, 1969), a conservative political analyst and writer from the United States, was an advocate of the former USA President Donald Trump. From 2016 until 2023, he hosted Tucker Carlson Tonight, a nightly political discussion program on Fox News. He has been hosting Tucker on X since Fox News ended his contract. Carlson has been called “the most influential voice in right-wing media” and “perhaps the highest-profile proponent of Trumpism.”

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