Google Gemini App Expands Globally, Now Accessible in Multiple Regions

Google Gemini App has now crossed the US borders and is currently available in multiple regions in Europe and Asia. The Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America, and Africa will be the next.
  • Google has recently rebranded its AI brand; Bard as Gemini and launched a mobile app and a more advanced AI model called Gemini Advanced.
  • Users in Europe and Asia can now access the Gemini app, which was previously only available in the US.
  • Before, non-US users could sideload the Gemini app from websites, but they were unable to access it.
Google Gemini App Expands Globally

The official rebranding of Bard to Gemini by Google was done just a few days ago. In addition to introducing the Gemini mobile app to replace Assistant, the company also unveiled the Gemini Advanced, a more powerful model that is accessible with the $20/month Google OneAI Premium Plan.

How to access Google Gemini App?

However, access to the new Gemini mobile app was restricted to the US; users attempting to use it outside saw a geo-block error. We can now confirm that numerous users have gained access to the Gemini app throughout Europe and Asia.

Google Gemini App to access

It should be noted that, while not including Europe in the list, Google had previously offered to launch Gemini in additional locations on Monday. However, as of Saturday, one of the users in India was able to install and utilize the Gemini app on the Pixel 8 Pro. Another German user claims that they sideloaded the Apk on their Pixel 7 Pro to get Gemini to function, indicating that the many users have already stared using it.

That idea was further supported by the fact that my close friend’s Pixel 6a in India could use the Gemini app without any problems. He used APKMirror to sideload and install the Google Gemini app smoothly, along with enabling the Google Assistant via the power button. This is clear indication that the transition may be almost over.

Even though the Gemini mobile app wasn’t formally accessible outside of the US, users could still sideload the APK via the internet. However, many faced difficulty installing the sideloaded Apk due to Geo-restrictions, while some did success theorgh VPNs. For consumers in Europe and certain regions of Asia, at least, Google seems to have quietly adjusted this over the weekend.

Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America, and Africa will be the next regions to receive support, according to Google Bard/Gemini product lead Jack Krawczyk, who made this announcement on Thursday. Only the recently released mobile app is subject to geographic limitations; users of the web version of Bard/Gemini can access it from anywhere in the world.

While not completely flawless, Google Gemini is undoubtedly one of the most important feature improvements to Android in recent memory. Gemini has a ways to go before it can completely replace Google Assistant, staying loyal to its “experimental AI assistant” name. Features like adding new tasks and setting reminders are still missing.

How are you going to use Google Gemini App?

Google claims that more than 100 testers and power users helped the company build its Gemini products. Google executives presented a few use cases last week in the press conference, including using Gemini to assist with writing a cover letter for a job application.

You might even ask Gemini to fix your flat tire by sending him a photo of it. In a more complex instance, It oversaw a snack rota for the parents of children playing football. It would assist you with emailing other parents and then handle their responses. It would also create a calendar for who brings snacks and when. It will be able to access information from your Google Drive in upcoming editions which may be useful in organizing carpooling around sporting events.

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