15 Fun and Educational Black History Month Activities for Children in 2024

February month brings a lot of Black History Month Activities for everyone. It represents more than just the second month on the calendar. It is a period that has been dedicated to celebrating and honoring the countless contributions and dramatic history of African Americans for generations.

As we dive into the realm of Black History Month in 2024, we’ve curated a list of 15 incredibly engaging and educational Black History Month activities specially designed for children.

Fun and Educational Black History Month Activities for Children in 2024

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Creative Visual Art Projects:

Learning about history needn’t always be verbose. Art is a captivating combination of aesthetics and narration which makes it a perfect medium to teach history.

Designing African Masks:

Designing African Masks: Black History Month Activities

Masks have held an essential place in many African cultures for centuries. They are more than just facial decor; they signify societal roles, religious beliefs, and are integral to various ceremonies. Let your children channel their inner creativity and learn about the importance of these masks by trying to design their own.

Making a Black History Month Collage:

Making a Black History Month Collage: Black History Month Activities

A picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes, they convey a lot more than words can. Collect pictures and facts about significant figures and moments in black history, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, or the Harlem Renaissance, and let your kids create a vibrant collage.

African Inspired Batik Art:

African Inspired Batik Art: Black History Month Activities

Batik is a traditional African art form using wax to create beautiful patterns on fabric. Guide your children to make their own mini textiles while explaining the cultural significance of Batik art in African communities.

Storytelling and Book Projects:

Books can be powerful tools. They not only entertain but also educate us about the world and its diverse cultures.

Read\ Aloud Sessions:

Read\ Aloud Sessions: Black History Month Activities

Devote some storytime to books featuring African American characters or those written by black authors. They can range from historical figures to everyday heroes or characters.

Organize Book Clubs:

Organize Book Clubs: Black History Month Activities

Allow children to dive deeper into stories that showcase the struggles and achievements of Black people. Discuss the characters, their struggles, and victories, fostering empathy and understanding in the kids.

Creating Comic Strips:

Creating Comic Strips: Black History Month Activities

Comic strips are a fun and engaging way of narrating history. Encourage your kids to pick an event or figure from Black history and illustrate it as a comic strip, promoting creativity and historical understanding.

Historical Field Trips and Virtual Tours:

Experiential learning makes concepts stick for longer periods than traditional learning.

Virtual Tour to Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture:

Virtual Tour to Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture: Black History Month Activities

Thanks to technology, you can now visit prestigious museums from the comfort of your home. This specific museum provides an extensive collection of artifacts, narratives, and interactive exhibitions relating to black history and culture.

Local Historical Sites:

Local Historical Sites: Black History Month Activities

There’s always something enchanting about local history. Take your children on a field trip to local landmarks or sites related to Black history and let the surroundings narrate the stories.

Organize a Community Walk:

Organize a Community Walk: Black History Month Activities

Organize a local community walk, discussing notable black leaders from your area, their contributions, and influence. This activity can inspire important conversations and a sense of local pride.

Interactive Educational Activities:

Engaging children in interactive educational activities can make learning exciting and more relatable.

Family Tree Project:

Family Tree Project: Black History Month Activities

It’s time for kids to explore their roots. A family tree project can not only help them understand their heritage but also relate them to larger historical events.

Black History Month Bingo:

Black History Month Bingo: Black History Month Activities

Swap the typical bingo calls with mentions of key figures and events in Black history. This will keep learning fun and engaging.

Poetry Workshop:

Poetry Workshop: Black History Month Activities

Immerse students in the rich world of Black poetry. Let them read, discuss, and even try their hand at writing their own poems inspired by the themes and styles of famous Black poets.

Kitchen-based learning

In the kitchen lies a whole other realm of potential learning.

Baking and Cooking Traditional African\American Recipes:

Baking and Cooking Traditional African\-American Recipes: Black History Month Activities

Immerse students in the rich world of Black poetry. Let them read, discuss, and even try their hand at writing their own poems inspired by the themes and styles of famous Black poets.

Food and Traditions:

Food and Traditions: Black History Month Activities

Discuss how food traditions got intertwined with history, how they evolved over time, and what they stand for today.

Food Tasting and Storytelling:

Food Tasting and Storytelling: Black History Month Activities

Introduce kids to different foods associated with African-American culture and let the stories behind these dishes unfold.


Educating children about black history is crucial as it helps to foster understanding and respect, break down prejudice, and build bridges across cultures. However, black history is more than just one month; it’s an integral part of world history, to be remembered, acknowledged, and appreciated all year round.

Black History Month began as a week-long observance in 1926, initiated by historian Carter G. Woodson, and later expanded into a full month in 1976. One of the best ways to make this history meaningful to younger generations is through engaging activities which make learning fun.

Learning about Black history should be more than just reading names or dates from textbooks. Exciting and immersive activities not only spark curiosity, but also forge a deep and personal connection with history, provoke thoughtful conversation, and promote a greater understanding of diverse cultures.

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10 Fun and Educational Black History Month Activities for Kids