Designing African Masks:. Let your children channel their inner creativity and learn about the importance of these masks by trying to design their own.

Collect pictures and facts about significant figures and moments in black history, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, or the Harlem Renaissance, and let your kids create a vibrant collage 

Guide your children to make their own mini wax textiles while explaining the cultural significance of Batik art in African communities.

Organize Book Clubs: Allow children to dive deeper into stories that showcase the struggles and achievements of Black people.

Make field trips or virtual tour to National Museum of African American History and Culture

Take your children on a field trip to local landmarks or sites related to Black history and let the surroundings narrate the stories 

Organize a local community walk, discussing notable black leaders from your area, their contributions, and influence.

A family tree project can not only help them understand their heritage but also relate them to larger historical events.

Swap the typical bingo calls with mentions of key figures and events in Black history. This will keep learning fun and engaging.

Discuss how food traditions got intertwined with history, how they evolved over time, and what they stand for today.