Deadly Floods and Landslides Hit Switzerland, Italy, and France: 7 Dead

Switzerland, northern Italy, and France are experiencing widespread flooding and landslides caused by a powerful storm. Authorities confirmed on Sunday that at least seven people have died as a result.
Deadly Floods and Landslides Hit Switzerland, Italy, and France: 7 Dead

Severe Weather Causes Chaos in Alps: Floods, Landslides, and Deaths Reported

Three bodies were found after a landslide in the Fontana area of the Maggia Valley in the Italian-speaking Ticino canton (state) on the southern side of the Alps. Storms and heavy rain hit southern and western Switzerland on Saturday night.

Camp sites along the banks of the Maggia River were evacuated and part of the small Wisleto Road bridge collapsed. One person went missing in the nearby Lavizzara Valley. In the north, the Rhône River washed away its banks in some areas of the canton of Valais. The flood waters were again on the highway and railway line.

Deadly Floods and Landslides Hit Switzerland, Italy, and France: 7 Dead

Police said heavy rain fell in valleys south of the Rhône. Also, the body of a missing person was found early Sunday morning in a hotel in the Alpine resort of Saas-Grund. Another man has been missing since Saturday evening in the Binn area of the upper Rhone valley near the Italian border, police said.

Floods, hurricanes and landslides have also affected various regions of Italy. Firefighters said they carried out about 80 rescue operations. Dozens of people were evacuated in the northern Piedmont region. Several villages were cut off due to rushing streams, storms and landslides in the Vale Deosta region. In addition, climate change in France has affected local populations. Efforts have been made to move the needy people to a safe place.

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13 people died in the year 2000, when climate change is responsible for the sudden reversal in Europe’s climate. Continuous human activity is responsible for climate change. It may be mentioned here that the European Football Championship was also disrupted, with the match between Germany and Denmark interrupted for almost half an hour due to heavy rain and lightning.

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