Dance takes lead in depression management: latest study reveals

According to a recent study, dancing is among the most effective ways to treat depression. Research suggests that dancing may be a more effective treatment for symptoms of depression than SSRIs.
Dancing Emerges as Top Exercise to Combat Depression: Latest Study Reveals

According to study conducted by Australian experts, dance is the most effective type of exercise for treating depression. Dancing beats out a number of other workouts, such as strength training, yoga, tai chi, and walking or running. The purpose of the study was to determine the most effective type of exercise to prescribe in addition to or instead of psychotherapy and medications for the treatment of major depressive disorder.

The researchers discovered that moderate reductions were produced overall with exercise across 218 separate trials including 14,170 individuals, more so than by only dosing participants with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

According to the data charts, dancing was the activity that reduced depressive symptoms the most, with aerobic exercise combined with treatment, yoga, and walking or jogging coming in second and third. The outcomes of conventional therapy and exercise varied depending on the population.

Strength and cycling seemed to alleviate problems more in women; in contrast, yoga, tai chi, and aerobic exercise in addition to psychotherapy had a greater effect on males. While younger individuals were more impacted by strength training, older participants reported symptom reductions when yoga and aerobic exercise were administered in addition to psychotherapy. All things considered; dancing was the type of exercise that helped depressed people’s symptoms the most.

Some people have found it “beautiful” that dancing can be so potent and effective, as the study has started to circulate online. Author and scientist Erik Hoel shared one of the data charts from the study on X, claiming that the study’s conclusion concealed one of its most intriguing findings.

Author and scientist Erik Hoel shared one of the data charts from the study, to treat depression with dancing, on X, claiming that the study's conclusion concealed one of its most intriguing findings..

“It’s fascinating that something as simple as dancing can have such an impact on our mental health,” one commenter added below the post.

Elon Musk, the owner of X, even added, “Maybe I should try that.”

Dancing and Depression:

Dancing combines physical exertion, creative expression, and social interaction to provide a multimodal approach to treating depression. Endorphins are released by rhythmic activity, which promotes bliss and lessens depressive symptoms. Dancing promotes awareness by pulling focus away from unfavorable ideas and onto the here and now. Additionally, the social component of dancing creates a nurturing atmosphere, reducing feelings of loneliness and promoting relationships. People can communicate their feelings nonverbally through its artistic element, which offers a cathartic release. Dancing is a comprehensive kind of treatment that improves mental health by encouraging physical fitness, social engagement, and emotional expression.

According to reports, somatic therapy—a type of treatment that uses physical movement as a means of releasing emotions—can be used to dancing. Dancing appears to be far more powerful than we’ve been led to think, whether we’re dancing on the dance floor with friends or by yourself to your favorite music in your room.

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