Nutrabolt, founded 2 decades ago, is a fast-growing, global active health and wellness company with a portfolio of market leading performance-oriented brands that energize and fuel active lifestyles

Nutrbolt’s 3 Famous Brands:  C4® (#1 global pre-workout)  XTEND® (#1 post-workout)  Cellucor® (sports brand)

Doss Cunningham, the chairman and CEO of Nutrabolt will represent Nutrabolt on Bloom’s Board of Directors

The investment will provide strategic growth capital to fuel and accelerate many key areas of Bloom’s business

Mari Llewellyn and Gregory LaVecchia founded Bloom Nutrition in 2019. They are thrilled to partner with Nutrabolt in taking Bloom to new heights

Bloom Nutrition offers high-quality health supplements aimed at helping consumers achieve their wellness goals.

Bloom Nutrition’ most well-known product is their Greens & Superfoods powder. It's Top #1 Greens brand in the USA